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08 September 2020

On 8 September 2020, the Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko took part in the 41st General Assembly of the ASEAN Interparliamentary Assembly (AIPA), organized in the format of a videoconference. The Chairman addressed with a video message to the participants of the event on the topic “Parliamentary diplomacy for the sake of a cohesive and adaptive ASEAN community.

Vladimir Andreichenko noted the importance of the AIPA for enhancing the role of parliamentary diplomacy, rapprochement with the countries of Southeast Asia in political, economic, social and other areas. At the same time, the importance of developing an appropriate dialogue in the context of steadily growing international problems was emphasized.

“Our country, just like the ASEAN states, promotes the ideas of cooperation, open and honest negotiations. Like you, we consistently pursue an independent foreign policy for the sake of peace and stable development, multilateralism and diversification of relations,” said the Chairman.

Vladimir Andreichenko stressed that Belarus is a reliable bridge between East and West. Based on this, within the framework of the chairmanship in the EAEU, our country supports the aspiration of the ASEAN states to conclude an agreement on a Free Trade Zone with the EAEU and is ready to assist in solving this problem, which entails the growth of trade and the creation of new jobs. Exchange of best practices in the field of IT will be no less useful for Belarus and ASEAN, noted the Chairman of the House of Representatives.

In conclusion, Vladimir Andreichenko appealed to his colleagues, speakers of the parliaments of the ASEAN countries, to support unifying peace initiatives, including the initiative of the President of Belarus on the formation of a “digital good-neighborhood belt” that can bring concrete practical results.

The ASEAN Interparliamentary Assembly (AIPA) was established in 1977. Its general assemblies are held annually and cover a wide range of political, economic and social issues. The contacts of Belarusian parliamentarians with foreign colleagues within the framework of the events held by the AIPA give a comprehensive character to the relations of the Republic of Belarus with the countries of Southeast Asia and serve as an effective means of strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between peoples.

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