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09 July 2018

9 July 2018, during the 27th annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Berlin (Federal Republic of Germany), the members of the parliamentary delegation of the Republic of Belarus took part in the work of the OSCE PA General Committees on Political Affairs and Security, on Economic Affairs, Science, Technology and Environment, on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions. 

Three resolutions of General Committees of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly were submitted to the attention of parliamentarians, as well as a range of supplementary items on topical issues concerning trafficking-free communities, preventing terrorism, strengthening the visibility of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly within the national parliaments of the participating states, strengthening the OSCE’s approach to supporting security sector governance and reform in participating and partner states, promoting connectivity in the OSCE area through development of transport links and corridors.

The Belarusian parliamentarians submitted a number of amendments to the draft resolutions of the General Committees, most of which were supported by the members of the Assembly and included to the resolutions of the OSCE PA General Committees.

The member of the Belarusian delegation Sergey Rakhmanov in his speech during the meeting of the OSCE PA General Committee on Democracy, Human Rights and Humanitarian Questions stated that international efforts to promote and protect human rights and freedoms should be aimed at strengthening national efforts of states to implement their respective obligations without the politicization of human rights and should be based on the principles of impartiality and mutual respect.

Список сенаторов: Pirshtuk Boleslav , Voronetsky Valery
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