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House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus
The seventh convocation
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18 October 2018

18 — 22 October 2018, the team of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus headed by Vadim Devyatovsky, the Deputy Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives on Health, Physical Culture, Family and Youth Policy will take part in the next International Parliamentary Games in Moscow (Russian Federation).

The goal of the tournament is to strengthen friendship between parliamentarians, promote sport and a healthy lifestyle.

Within the official part of the program Belarusian parliamentarians will take part in a round table in the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which will be devoted to public-private partnership in the field of sports.

The sport program will include competitions in mini-football, tennis, table tennis, chess, badminton and billiards.

The team of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus includes deputies of the House of Representatives Petr Atroshchenko, Aleksandr Bogdanovich, Petr Vabishchevich, Vitaly Vlasevich, Valery Gaidukevich, Igor Kolb, Igor Marzalyuk, Aleksandr Markevich, Valentin Mikhnevich, Leonid Pisanik, Olga Politiko, Aleksei Sokol, Petr Soloviov, Aleksandr Starovoitov, Dmitry Shevtsov, Vladislav Shchepov, Andrei Yunitsin, as well as members of the Council of the Republic Andrey Belyakov and Konstantin Putilo.

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