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House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus
The seventh convocation
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29 April 2019

On April 29, 2019 in the Congress-hall «Minsk» of the President Hotel the opening ceremony of the International Parliamentary Conference of the OSCE PA Silk Road Support Group took place.

In addressing the event, Vladimir Andreichenko highlighted that the creation of a more equitable, safe and secure world can be achieved only on the basis of good neighborliness, equality, mutual trust and the development of economic cooperation. He stressed: it is this idea that underlies the initiative of the President of the Republic of Belarus to restart the Helsinki process.


The concept of the Silk Road is based on very close principles. Growing interest in this geopolitical initiative is indicated by the results of the recently concluded in Beijing Second Forum of International Cooperation at the highest level «One Belt, One Way».

V. Andreichenko stressed that the Silk Road is not just a trade route. It is a powerful channel for the exchange of new ideas, knowledge and technology, a space for dialogue among civilizations and a fundamentally new way of interaction between countries with different levels of economic development.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Belarus stated that involvement in this process will allow all its participants to effectively use their competitive advantages, and combining scientific, technical, industrial and humanitarian potentials will actually work to increase the welfare of citizens of the region’s states. As an argument, he cited the experience of the Industrial Park «The Great Stone», which is gradually becoming an international high-tech cluster, a center of attraction for specialists from the most advanced sectors of the economy, and a platform for active multicultural dialogue.

According to V. Andreichenko, the experience of such cooperation, refutes the stereotype about the incompatibility of the East and the West, the European and Eurasian economic models. The Chairman of the House of Representatives believes that combining efforts will help achieve a synergistic effect in achieving common goals, the main one of which is the peaceful, sustainable and confident development of the region.

Speaking about the activities of the Silk Road Support Group of the OSCE PA, V.Andreichenko stressed that this communication format allows OSCE parliamentarians to concentrate on the essential issues of cooperation in the interests of the people of the Group’s member states, bypassing far-fetched, over-politicised topics.

The Chairman of the House of Representatives underlined that we welcome steps towards trade facilitation, reduction of administrative barriers, development of customs cooperation, and mutually beneficial solutions to the problems arising during such work.

V. Andreychenko addressed the conference participants and noted the importance of encouraging the mutual integration of infrastructure facilities, he also noted that in addition to the land and sea routes in the future, there may be a need for a new dimension of the Silk Road — digital communication channels. Therefore, we need to think about improving coordination in the IT sector.

In conclusion, V. Andreichenko expressed confidence that during the conference the discussions would be productive, and recommendations would be their outcome that would have real social and practical value.

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